1. To navigate to the next question please click the "forward" arrow using your mouse pointer.

2. To navigate to a previous question in case of an error or you wish to change a response, using your mouse point, please click the "back" arrow at the bottom of the survey.

Please Note: Once you have completed and closed the survey, you will not be allowed to go back and make changes.

3. After completing the survey, you will be presented with a finish screen asking you to close your browser's window. Please click the "X" button found on the upper right corner of your browser's window or the "Finish" button. Your responses will be automatically saved.

4. The status bar, will show you approximately how much of the survey has been completed.

Survey Access

When can I complete the survey?
The survey is available 24 hours a day and may be accessed from any computer with Internet access. You may complete the survey whenever it is most convenient for you, provided you complete the survey before the date the survey fielding window closes.

Confidentiality & Security

Are my responses secure? 
Yes. The location where the survey resides is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) a 256 bit encryption technology. This encryption secures your responses and permits no one but you to see the responses while completing the survey. Only the person analizing the responses will have access to the data.

Error Message

What should I do if my computer crashes or an error message occurs while taking the survey?
If you experience a technical failure that closes your internet connection or produces an error message, you must click on the survey link you received to restart the survey.